Brand Name: Tomarchio
Year Established: 1920
Location: Sicilia
Products: Carbonated Soft Drinks, Organic Carbonated Soft
Drinks, Organic Flat Beverages
Health Certifications: BRC, IFSFSC Italia, FSSC 22000, OPERATORE BIO N.640W, VEGAN OK, N.606Vegan Ok, CARTA FSC N. C136807
Manufacturer Certifications: UNI EN ISO 14001, UNI EN ISO 45001

Brief About Company: 

Tomarchio Bibite is an Italian company producing Premium Soft Drinks since 1920. We are based in Acireale, Sicily, Southern Italy, homeland of citrus fruits (jucier than others), from which we obtain the juice from concentrates and essential oils that we use in our Soft Drinks, together with the water from the Volcano Etna, rich in minerals and with a strong character, for a more authentic taste. All our growers are located within 100 km from our plant, are certified Organic and regularly monitored by the local regulating authorities. We prepare our beverages using the traditional slow processing method that has been handed down for over a century and three generations. Target customers are premium & organic retailers and the food service channel. We have nationwide distribution in Italy and customers in more than 40 countries worldwide.