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Introducing Angoli di gusto Loison

Enrico Soltani – Owner of Soltani Food Brokerage in Los Angeles, California – introduces to his friends and customers the Loison’s heritage, the packaging, and the new products for the Holiday season 2019. 

About Soltani Food Brokerage

Supplying Italian Restaurants with Quality Products

What makes our company special is our diversity in brands from different regions of Italy, and how we market them here in the US. The reason why people choose us is for our effort in education about the products we bring in.

Our specific services include going out of our way to search on brands and items to your need.


We provide a wide variety of well recognized brands directly from the manufacturer to our distributors

Cold Cuts

We represent artisan, authentic imported and domestic cold cuts


We carry a wide variety of imported fresh cheeses weekly by air


Representing most artisan pastas from Gragnano and Sud Italy


The finest tomatoes from Puglia


Most well known brands from Umbria


Fiuggi, the first Italian mineral water entering the U.S along with San Benedetto


Our sweets include gourmet Italian cakes known as panettone and pandoro alongside with our biscotti's

Eat Well. Be Well!

Direct from the manufacturer to distributors, brands you know and love

Let's get cookin'

Selling some of the best brand name foods is a part of what we do.
Using those same ingredients to make delicious recipes, well that’s just living

Pizzas and bread

Delicious Pizzas
you will love to try.

We not only sell Italian food, we know Italian food. I guess in some ways, that makes us Italian food! So do yourself a favor and check out these amazing recipes that your family will love. 

After all, aren’t family and Italian synonymous?


Make your own pasta

Have you ever asked yourself, “I wonder how people make pasta?” “Is it better than store bought?” – Well stop asking and start prepping because we’re going to show you exactly how to make the bestest most freshest pasta ever!

Yes, we said “bestest!”


Sweet & savory

Come now! You actually think we would skip dessert? There’s no way because it beautiful Italy, there’s nothing better than treating yourself to a delicious scoop of gelato!

Check our Products

Nothing but the best, that’s exactly what we provide.
From our service to our product – Test us, we dare you!