Veneziana Pistachio from Bronte hand wrapping

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Cake made by means of the natural fermentation of sour dough, with an irregular oval shape, reminiscent of a dove. The cake itself is especially soft owing to the use of fresh milk, butter and cream. It is light in texture and enriched with natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar *, filled with Crem of “Pistacchio Verde di Bronte* PDO”. The surface is covered with pistacchio icing, decorated with Pistacchio Verde di Bronte*PDO” and grains of sugar.



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WHEAT flour, Cream with “PISTACCHIO verde di Bronte* PDO” (14%) [Sugar, Paste of “PISTACCHIO verde di Bronte* PDO” (21%), Glucose syrup, Water, Fresh ricotta (MILK), Skimmed MILK powder, Ethyl alcohol, Butter (MILK), Gelling agent: pectin, Natural flavours, Salt, Preservative: potassium sorbate], Fresh EGGS raised on the ground in Italy, Fresh butter (MILK) (11%), Sugar, PISTACCHIO icing (10%) [Sugar, EGG white, Sunflower oil, “PISTACCHIO verde di Bronte* PDO” whole and in grain (12%), Precooked rice and WHEAT flour, Natural flavours], Natural sourdough yeast (WHEAT), Grains of sugar (4%), Emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of vegetable origin fatty acids, Wildflower honey from Sicily, Fresh cream (MILK) (2%), Cervia whole marine salt, Fresh MILK (1%), Cocoa butter, Natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar* (0,2%), Natural flavours, Blend of selected spices. *SLOW