Veneziana Chocolate & Spice hand wrapping

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WHEAT flour, Dark chocolate drops and monorigin dark chocolate drops from Venezuela in variable proportions (15%) [Cocoa paste, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Emulsifiers: SOY lecithin, Natural flavours. cocoa min.:51%], Cocoa icing (12%) [Sugar, EGG white, Sunflower oil, Italian “Tuono” ALMONDS (28%), Pre-cooked rice and WHEAT flour, Cocoa powder (3,5%), Natural flavors], Fresh EGGS raised on the ground in Italy, Fresh butter (MILK) (10%), Sugar, Grains of sugar (4%), Emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of vegetable origin fatty acids, Natural sourdough yeast (WHEAT), Fresh EGG yolk raised on the ground in Italy, Wildflower honey from Sicily, Fresh cream (MILK) (2%), Fresh MILK (1%), Cervia whole marine salt, Cocoa butter, Natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar* (0,2%), Blend of selected spices (0,1%), Natural flavors. *SLOWFOOD PRESIDIUM


Cake made by means of the natural fermentation of sour dough, with an irregular oval shape, reminiscent of a dove. The cake itself is especially soft owing to the use of fresh milk, butter and cream. It is light in texture and enriched monorign drops of chocolate, with natural Mananara Vanilla from Madagascar* and spices. The surface is covered with cocoa icing, decorated with grains of sugar and almonds.



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