Tomato Sauce Rustic 12/180gr

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Category: Brand: Orto D’Autore SFB Code #: 56048


Orto D’Autore

Brand Name:Orto d’Autore Srl Year Established:2000 Location:Molise, Italy Products:Frozen filled and non-filled pasta, gnocchi, lasagna, tagliatelle, spaghetti, etc Manufacturer Certifications:IFS Health Certifications:Organic , Vegan OK FDA Number:14687344506 Brief List of Products Produced: 100% Fruit Preserves Tomato Puree Pesto Organic Legumes Organic Juice and nectar Brief About Company: Orto d’Autore is a family-run agricultural company located in Molise, Italy, specializing in the production of tomato sauces, pesto, legumes, and fruit preparations. Orto d’Autore has a solid foundation rooted in a united family that has managed to turn their passion into work. The D’Arienzo family boasts extensive experience in the agricultural field, and thanks to their deep connection with this remarkable land and their ability to preserve traditions and passion, even the new generations have joined what the family tradition has brought forth and nurtured. We create products of the highest quality by taking care of our raw materials and, above all, our consumers. Our mission is to guarantee deliciousness and, above all else, ensure genuine products. That’s why we do not use any artificial flavors or preservatives in our products. There are no secrets or industrial techniques; we adopt simple processes using only the finest fruits and vegetables gifted to us by the fields.


Tomato Sauce Rustic 12/180gr