La FABBRICA Della Pasta

General Info

Producing Pasta in Gragnano is an art, heritage made of history, culture, traditions and secrets. Born and live in Gragnano it means be pervaded by tastes, and by the perfumes of durum wheat flour and by the pasta that derives from it.

Gluten Free

Today we produce with the same methods and timing of 500 years ago! We select the best rice and corn flour gluten free. Our Unique mix is made with only 2 Ingredients: The fresh Natural Spring water of an ancient source of Gragnano, that is rich in minerals, Mixed with the rice and corn flour,

Gift Selections

 we present you the newest edition of “the Golden Key” Catalogue, even more rich and prestigious, with composition of the highest perceived value and an absolutely extraordinary and exclusive price-quality ratio!!! The “Golden Key” project is the ideal tool not only for Emotional Gift “different from the usual…”.