Brand Name: Rossogargano.
Year Established: 2008
Location: north of Apulia Region, Foggia
Products: Canned tomatoes
Manufacturer Certifications: BRC, IFS, ISO 22005
Health Certifications: NON GMO, Organic, Kosher

Brief About Company:

ROSSOGARGANO SCAPA is a group of farmers from the north of Apulia Region, in Foggia; which grows, harvests and processes in its own factory just tomatoes they have planted. Checking the process of growth and ripening, picking tomatoes up at the right time and processing them immediately; that is our philosophy. Our area presents excellent agricultural and climate condition to produce tomatoes of high quality. It allows to achieve the right point of tomatoes ripeness. Apulia Region produces the 95% of long tomatoes in Italy. Our company contributes to produce 7% of the National production of long tomatoes thanks to its own 1000 hectares of planted yearly. 

Harvest is followed by a careful selection, control and process which allows us to keep all the freshness of our tomatoes. That is the secret which makes our canned tomatoes outstanding; from the field to the can within no more than 6 hours. According to our philosophy, to preserve the taste and flavor of the Italian tomatoes, our factory is located in Foggia nearby our cultivation fields. Every year we process around 100.000 tons of raw material. To guarantee an excellent quality of our products and satisfy the needs of our customers, the all process of production is strictly looked after and controlled by our team of specialized food technicians, from the lands to the factory. We have the latest technology available in the market as Electronics Selection Eyes, Metal Detectors, X-Ray and Tap Tone Machine to process and can top quality tomatoes to satisfy the highly demanded markets. 


Brief List of Products Produced:

Canned tomatoes