Brand Name: Latteria Sorrentina
Year Established: 1880
Location: Piemonte
Products: Fiordilatte, Smoked fiordilatte, burrata, stracciatella, ricotta
Manufacturer Certifications: IFS

Health Certifications: Halal

Brief About Company: 

1880. The history of Latteria Sorrentina begins. The Amodio family opens their the dairy devoting themselves to the production of the most popular dairy of all time: the Fiordilatte. We are now to the fifth generation of master cheesemakers, and the recipe is always the same, to continue to offer the best quality milk as time has taught us. Experience has allo wed us to enlarge our team and to cross the borders of Campania to bring the world our message of unmistakable flavours. 

Latteria Sorrentina is the repository of knowledge of the Amodio family who since 1880 transforms the cow’s milk into Fiordilatte cheese, the most famous fresh dairy product of the Italian food tradition that enriches the tables and recipes of chefs and pizza makers all over the world. The fifth generation of the Amodio family preserves this heritage of flavors in four product lines dedicated to lovers and professionals of quality food: Fiordilatte di Napoli, Fiordilatte dei Monti, Fiordilatte della Penisola, 100% Lavorazione Italia.

Brief List of Products Produced:
Diary products: Fiordilatte, Smoked fiordilatte, burrata, stracciatella, ricotta,