Brand name: FIUGGI
Location: FIUGGI, Roma 
Products: FIUGGI Spring Water natural and sparkling
Manufacturer Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Brief About Company:

FIUGGI has always been a source of well-being: it is one of the most important and ancient thermal stations in Europe, located in the central area of the Italian peninsula, at the foot of the Ernici mountains, in an environment rich in natural beauty and easily reachable from FIUGGI, Rome.

FIUGGI Water has taken care of Italian health for generations, famous for its therapeutic properties that are recognized by the Ministry of Health and the scientific community, it is one-of-a-kind water.

It is ideal for those who are looking for excellence and quality even in a glass of water. FIUGGI water is highly diuretic and depurative, it can stimulate

overall kidney function, and facilitate the elimination of uric acid, and metabolic and nitrogenous wastes. Fiuggi Water, in addition to purifying the body, is a naturally good water, low in sodium. That’s why you should have it with you in every activity: at home, in the restaurant, in your free time.

Brief List of Products Produced:

Fiuggi Spring Water natural and sparkling. 

Available in glass bottle in 3 sizes (1liter, 750ml, 500ml) and in pet (500ml).

Italian Spring Water Claims to have Healing Powers

"Finding the 'miracle' fountain of Italy"